Technology research

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Technological innovation is the core of enterprise development and realization of social value. In 2007, our company established a research and development center, and built matching physics, chemistry and biology laboratories. The pilot test site is about 1,000 square meters and has advanced experiments and pilot tests. equipment. There are more than 80 professional technicians in the R&D center.

In recent years, the company has established a comprehensive industry-university-research cooperation relationship with Central South University, other universities and scientific research institutions, and has established a Hunan Medical Polymer Product Technology Research Center with Central South University School of Basic Medicine, focusing on non-PVC materials and new medical devices. R&D. Good software and hardware configuration provides better conditions for the company's scientific research and development. It has successively obtained more than 30 patents and a scientific and technological achievement appraisal certificate. In 2010, the company was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise", and in 2012, the company's R&D center was recognized as a "provincial enterprise technology center".

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