Escorting for health and ensuring the safety of medical equipment ——Hongrun Media enters Hunan Pingan Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

In the early morning of April 9, a group of five members of Red Run Media departed from Changsha and drove to Hunan Pingan Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pingan Medical Equipment) located in the Economic Development Zone of Li County, Changde City. Produce and shoot related materials, and at the same time interview and learn from this medical device R&D and production company with more than 20 years of development history, and communicate with the company on film and television cooperation matters.

Governor of Hunan Province Xu Dazhe inspects Ping An Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of April 10th, the deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, the Governor of the Provincial People's Government Xu Dazhe, the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government Wang Qun, and the Secretary of the Changde Municipal Party Committee Zhou Derui and other leaders visited our company for investigation and inspection. Zou Rulong, Secretary of Lixian County Party Committee, Xu Xun, Deputy Secretary of Lixian County Party Committee and County Mayor, accompanied the inspection. The chairman of the company Zheng Datian accompanied him throughout the process.    Governor Xu Dazhe and his party went deep into the office area to understand our company's development process, management system and future development plans. And successively visited the company's production workshop, packaging workshop, industrial design center, spacious and neat workshops and advanced production equipment, making the leaders amazed. From the raw materials, raw materials

Hunan Provincial Bureau launches special action of "100-day remediation" of medical equipment

Recently, the Hunan Food and Drug Administration, with the cooperation of the public security department, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the sales of non-drug counterfeit drugs by 20 drug-related units including the Pharmaceutical Distribution Park of Gaoqiao Market in Changsha City. During the inspection, the bureau found 147 suspected non-pharmaceutical counterfeit drugs, and seized 1,585 boxes (bottles) of non-pharmaceuticals. This is the first battle of the "Hundred-Day Remediation" campaign for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Hunan Province.

Changde cracked a cross-provincial production and sale of counterfeit medical devices case involving nearly 10 million

After forging the medical device manufacturing enterprise license and the medical device registration certificate, the fake and inferior "Yongle Magical Pain Relieving Bag" produced by it will be shipped to 15 provinces including Hunan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Henan through logistics distribution. A reporter from the Legal Daily learned from the Public Security Bureau of Changde City, Hunan Province today that the public security detachment of the bureau successfully cracked a large-scale production involving 43 sales off the assembly line in 15 provinces, cities (districts) including Hunan and Shandong, and the amount involved was nearly 10 million yuan. In the case of selling fake medical devices, the main suspect, Wan Mou, was arrested on suspicion of producing and selling fake and inferior products.

CFDA said that this year's medical device regulations will be comprehensively revised

On March 4, an official from the State Food and Drug Administration stated at a symposium between representatives of the two sessions of the pharmaceutical industry that this year, the documents, regulations, and regulations regarding medical devices will be comprehensively revised. Industry insiders said that the State Council executive meeting in February had just reviewed and approved the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices (Revision Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft"), and these amendments should be carried out around this "Draft."

"Five Rectifications" Special Actions for Medical Devices Launched across the Country

On March 17, the State Food and Drug Administration announced in a press conference that in order to solve the hotspots and difficult issues of medical devices that are highly socially concerned and the people have expressed strong feedback, further regulate the market order, and severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations. Beginning in the middle of the month, a five-month medical device "five rectification" special action was launched nationwide, focusing on rectifying five behaviors including false registration and declaration of medical devices, illegal production, illegal operation, exaggerated publicity, and use of unlicensed products.
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